We help clients discover the meaning behind the words

Surveys, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, social media data, and other types of feedback systems create massive amounts of unstructured data (voice and text). Most of this data is never fully analyzed or understood.

At Nuance, a Decision Analyst® company, we help companies extract, understand, and quantify the meaning of verbatim comments (answers to open-ended questions or prompts).

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Coding Options

Nuance codes text files, handwritten text, audio-recorded comments (phone surveys, CRM, or IVR responses), and images. So regardless of the type of customer feedback, we can code the responses to extract the substance...

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Text Analytics

Do you have thousands of customer comments but no time to read them to discover what they are saying? Are you unsure which format your data should be in? Are you curious about the advantages of both verbatim coding...

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"We hired Nuance to provide in-language verbatim coding services across multiple countries and languages. They are very responsive and do an outstanding job. I highly recommend them!" – CEO Full-Service Research Company

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About Us

Nuance began as the internal Coding Department of Decision Analyst over 30 years ago. The whole focus has always been on providing extremely high-quality coding services to support Decision Analyst's advanced, sophisticated marketing research projects worldwide. Over time, the Coding Department has evolved into Nuance, a stand-alone company, so that it can better serve the coding needs of other research companies and corporate clients.

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Latest Article

The Human Touch: A Case for Verbatim Coding

The inclusion of a few good, open-ended questions in surveys meant that questionnaires could be more concise. Very often a well-crafted, open-ended question could take the place of 10 to 20 closed-end questions. The open-ended question could reveal what we (the survey creators) did not know. The rise of open-ended questions injected a qualitative element into quantitative surveys and made surveys more effective in revealing the truth.

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Our Coding Services

When you need to uncover the nuances of meaning in verbatims, we can help.

Verbatim Coding

In marketing research, verbatim coding is the assignment of numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds, or pictures so that information and meaning can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively.

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Multilingual Verbatim Coding

Coding verbatim comments "in language" saves money and time over translating text into English prior to coding. Utilizing our services for coding in these languages means you won't have to pay for translations or...

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Text Analytics

The term “text analytics” refers to the extraction of meaning or information through content analysis and by sentiment analysis. Text from open-ended questions in a survey, CRM systems, IVR systems, customer complaints...

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Digital Media

The advances in technology make it easier for people, now more than ever, to share images and photos, as well as video and audio files. However, the interpretation of these digital files is dependent on...

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